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We are here to help your pets recover from physical injuries, illnesses, allergies, improve fitness, and promote optimum health and well-being. Through a range of physical therapies and natural health products, our desire is to give you the happiest, healthiest, and longest life with your beloved pet/s. In addition to our wellness clinic we also run a dog daycare which caters for all breeds & sizes.  Once settled into Busselton our puppy pre-school classes will resume along with in-home dog training & behaviour consults and obedience classes.

With us, you will be assured that your dog is in safe hands. We use natural (drug free) products and our wellness therapies are based on holistic practices ensuring a whole body approach to wellness. Our pet classes offer positive reinforcement to your pups and facilitate proper socialisation, making them friendlier and more confident to take on life’s challenges. With expert training advice, you will be able to give your pet a better and healthier life. You no longer have to worry about being a dog whisperer as we have that covered.

Want your dog to recover safely and effectively from injuries/surgery or get trained properly, give us a call today!

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Hydrotherapy is the combination of water and controlled therapeutic exercises designed to stimulate the healing process. It is derived from Greek terminology meaning 'any healing in water’.

Myofunctional Massage

Like us, dogs are affected by massage both physically and psychologically. Massage impacts your dog’s entire body, not just the local muscles and tissues being manipulated.


Applying the art of gentle muscle monitoring allows the practitioner to identify dysfunction or stress in all the different body systems. By re-balancing these systems with a range of energetic corrections the healing process can begin and your dog’s emotional/mental state, behaviour and physical conditions can all improve.

dog nutrition

Have you noticed the number of pets in today’s society that seem to be getting sick, maybe even your pet and you can’t seem to figure out why? One of the major factors contributing to ill health is poor diet. Give your pet the best of food with our expert guidance and natural products.

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Dog Training

We offer private lessons for all types of behavioural problems (aggression, anxiety, fear etc.) and obedience to help you create a well mannered member of the family. We also run puppy pre-school and general obedience classes.

Dog Daycare

An intimate creche facility with limited numbers to ensure your dog receives personalised care and attention. You can rest easy and go about your chores while your dog remains safe and cared for.

Natural Products & Holistic Pet Care Perth

At Holistic Paws = Waggy Tails our team have a passion for animals and natural therapies.  As such quality pet care and natural dog products come into union here.  Our purpose is to complement traditional veterinary care by valuing your pets’ emotional and physical well-being.  By addressing your pet’s health and well-being from a complete mind-body perspective and not just the physiological symptoms we aim to identify the underlying causes creating disharmony (dis-ease) and restore balance (harmony) so your pet can live a full life of vitality, health and happiness.

Your dog’s health and well-being starts with quality nutrition and natural products that support their immune system and growth.  At Holistic Paws we  offer 100% natural, healthy, safe treats & pet care products for you to purchase; suitable for both puppies and adult dogs.  What we use in our clinic is  available for you to take home.

Our treats tempt even the fussiest of eaters and provide health benefits targeting  inflammation and pain relief, vitamins and mineral boost, anti-oxidant and calming properties plus allergy/immune support.  All treats are home-made without  preservatives, salt, sugar and carbohydrates found in traditional dog treats and biscuits.  Our natural treat range consits of  Calming/Anxiety biscuits, Omega biscuits, Mineral Morsels and Allergy Sensitive treats.  These treats can be used for training or just as a snack and will ensure your furry friend is eating healthy, nutritious snacks right from puppy stage through to adulthood.

Aside from treats, we also have natural shampoos and sprays for allergies/itchiness, hot spots, fleas, and fungal problems. With these products, you can ensure your pup is safe from harmful chemicals that compromise your dog’s coat and immune system.   In addition to these products we also provide a tailored range of herbal and homeopathic remedies for client’s who visit our wellness clinic. We can help your furry friend with drug free natural alternatives for pain relief, anti-inflammatories, arthritis,  spinal/neurological disorders, digestive problems, allergies, behaviour issues etc.

Give Your Dog The Ultimate Care

Your dog is your family and deserves only the best care. When your days get busy and you can’t give your pets the attention they need, Waggy Tails daycare is here to help. Our daycare facility provides your furry friend with personalised care & attention, taking care of all their needs.  We have indoor and outdoor play areas where your dog can have fun, relax and and enjoy play-time with other dogs.   They can also relax on comfy beds or even better snuggle on a staff member’s lap.

Unique to Holistic Paws is our special day care packages that include relaxation massages, day spa massage/aromatherapy bath & standard dog wash.  If you don’t have time to wash your dog or find it a stressful event we can do it for you and send them home clean and sparkling.  They will also smell wonderful and feel soft after being pampered with our natural shampoos.   See our day care page for more detailed information and prices.

With professional staff and a friendly environment your dog can find a home away from home without feeling anxious or left out.  If you have any special requests for your furry friend while they are with us we will do our best to accommodate. We are here to make them feel safe, loved and happy when you can’t.  It is a privilege for us to look after your dogs and make them a part of our day care family.

Reach out to us to give your pet the ultimate care.  We would love to hear from you and introduce your most precious family member into our home away from home.


Puppies need just as much socialization as humans do. At puppy school they can learn to socialize with other puppies in a safe and controlled environment. The ideal time for puppy pre-school is as early as 7-8 weeks of age up to 17 weeks, which is the critical time for puppy socialization. After their first set of vaccinations, your puppy can attend puppy pre-school. Not sure if your pet is ready to join the school? Get in touch with us for a chat.

Our puppy training classes cover toilet training, mouthing/chewing, making your home puppy-proof, nutrition and health checks to name a few topics.  The main emphasis on puppy pre-school is socialization and helping your puppy learn how to play appropriately with other puppies.  And to give you the puppy parents the skills and tools needed to navigate puppyhood and into later stages of your dog’s life.

“A dog is the only thing on earth that loves you more than he loves himself.”  

— Josh Billings

Meet Some Of Our Happy Customers

Jenna Maynard
Jenna Maynard
Best doggie daycare little dog crash and big dog crash and then separate rooms the best place ener go and drop you beautiful dog there and they will give it lots of hugs and kisses
Anita Gill
Anita Gill
Highly recommend👍👍👍 Jo and Josh are just amazing!! Bring your puppies/doggies with total confidence!!! Buddy just loves his doggy Daycare. As soon as we park the car, he can't wait to go see his friends. Best decision ever!!!
San M
San M
Hydrotherapy is really great for Arthritis, my dog absolutely loves it too!
Richard Ireland
Richard Ireland
Our puppy geezer loves it. He can't wait to get there.
Julia Smith
Julia Smith
I took my senior dog here for the first time today. The team were so very welcoming, supportive and understanding. Their care for Mabel was gentle and loving, the sort of care we would offer a human in their senior years! We tried the hydrotherapy pool today and Tanya was amazing with Mabel throughout the session. I received advice on diet, exercise and supplements for my dog and left feeling positive and empowered. Thank you all so much, we'll be back soon!
Ella Plazier
Ella Plazier
A great place to take Fonzie for Hydro therapy.
Such a wonderful environment with lots of doggy cuddles and great advice and service.
BL Harding
BL Harding
Amazing caring knowlegable and very helpful. They Go above and beyond to help me and my fur baby. Thanks so much Tanya xx Highly Recommend !!
Sarah Goddard
Sarah Goddard
Great little team my boy loves the place and the pals he's made whilst going there
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