What Our furry friends say

Hdydrotherapy has definately made a difference with Bella and she looks forward to coming every week and really enjoys it... plus you give her treats!! great job ladies and thanks 😍


Dog Training Perth | Holistic Paws = Waggy Tails

Poppy has come on leaps and bounds from all the hydrotherapy and massage since her hip surgery.  She loves seeing Tanya, sometimes we think she loves you more than us.  You were also there for us with Sy's passing and have made the loss bearable.

Linda & Kyle

My dog Alfie has a thyroid condition and has been on a high dose of thyroid-replacement medication for many years. I wondered if kinesiology would help to heal the cause of his thyroid problems and improve his thyroid functioning.  After several kinesiology sessions with Johanne, I took Alfie to the vet to test his thyroid levels again and the blood test results were very impressive! His thyroid functioning has significantly improved, so much so that the vet has halved his medication dose. If your pet has a health problem, I totally recommend talking to Johanne about how kinesiology can help. Thank you so much Johanne!


Tommy loves daycare at Holistic Paws. Both Johanne and Tanya take such good care of him and he loves them so much. He has the best fun playing with all his friends and comes home ready for a big sleep!


After only two massages and regular hydrotherapy Noah is moving so much better. The arthritis in his feet improves after every visit and he loves coming. He gets special attention and treats.


Johanne is an amazing trainer and kinesolgist. She helped my muffin who was suffering high anxiety and dog reactivity. I had seen several people before with no break through. I got beyond a break through with Johanne. I can take Penny almost anywhere now and she and I have confidence and most important we go out and have fun every day exploring life. Thanks Jo xx ​


Puppy pre-school was amazing. We learnt so much about why socialisation and having a confident, happy dog is so important. Most of all we learnt it is how we interact with our dogs that can inadvertently re-enforce inappropriate behaviours. Training is life long, not just puppy pre-school. We will all be doing the next level of classes at Holistic Paws=Waggy Tails. Can't wait!!!

Rosie, Anna-Marie, Trevor, Sonya, Nicola & Harry

Penny has been doing fun swims with Johanne & Tanya to learn how to swim and build muscle mass to help prevent injuries. She loves coming and especially enjoys her rest time where she just floats in their arms and sometimes closes those eyes and really relaxes.


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