What is Hydrotherapy for Dogs And How Is It Beneficial?

What is Hydrotherapy for Dogs And How Is It Beneficial?

Hydrotherapy is a type of water therapy for dogs. It is a kind of physiotherapy for our furry friends that uses water resistance for relieving pain. The word itself means water healing. There are so many things helpful for dogs to heal in water. 

There are so many benefits of hydrotherapy for dogs. It helps to rehabilitate any kind of injuries in the body. 

It is so beneficial for dogs suffering from hip dyslexia, arthritis, etc. It is helpful for those who are suffering from any damaged limb. Further, hydrotherapy makes use of hydrostatic pressure to help. The activity is done by adding the pressure of gravity. The buoyancy of dogs disappears when they are in the water. It helps to reduce the stress levels in dogs. The therapy is also a natural anti-inflammatory regime that reduces the swelling in the body. 

Types of Hydrotherapy in Dogs

There are three kinds of hydrotherapy available for dogs. All of these use different techniques for helping dogs. It depends on the users to take an idea of what is best for their dogs. 

  1. Underwater treadmill

This form is quite common for dogs and so many owners adopt this technique. They should suffer from joint pains. Furthermore, the treadmill is made using glass chambers. After the dog enters the chamber, the doors are shut. 

Water is filled to a certain extent in the treadmill. Water is filled in a way helpful for the dogs. It helps to strengthen the joint muscles by taking away any kind of stress levels. When the dogs are removed from their stress levels, they tend to have a healthy life. 

  1. Dog pools

This kind of hydrotherapy is used to help the dogs to motion in various directions. It helps dogs suffering from arthritis or even degenerative joint issues. The target is mainly on certain body parts of dogs like the chest, muscles, elbows, etc. 

It all depends on the size of the pool that you have bought for your dog. This will determine whether the joint issues will be cured or not. The dog will be on a harness or floater when in water. This will help them to float easily and take the benefit. 

  1. Whirlpool therapy

This technique is useful for dogs who have just undergone major surgeries. It is like a Jacuzzi tub for dogs. Animal Kinesiology deals with giving different therapies to dogs. Additionally, the dog is put on a harness. They are then lowered to the pool. The water level is put depending on the injury of the dogs. 

After the dog enters the water, the warm water massages the dog effectively. The effects create a deep effect on all the injured parts. Also, it is like a medical relief to the dogs. 

Hydrotherapy is beneficial and very safe for dogs. But the process has to be done by the professionals. 


The cost of hydrotherapy depends on the kind of injury. About 30 minutes of therapy cost about $ 40 to $60. But the process is so effective for the dogs.

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