What Are The Major Benefits Of Hydrotherapy For Dogs?

Hydrotherapy is one of the beneficial options for dogs having trouble walking. It helps in relieving pain. It is a kind of physiotherapy to help heal diseases and distress. It is a kind of healing through water and offers many benefits for dogs. It is best for dogs having arthritis, dysplasia, or who have been paralyzed. Further, it helps in providing resistance, buoyancy, etc. Dog Hydrotherapy services in Perth make it easy for dogs suffering from pain or other physical conditions.

It is a kind of weightless physical therapy for reducing the pressure of gravity. The dog’s buoyancy reduces the stress in muscles to reduce the pain. It is a kind of anti-inflammatory to reduce the swelling in the bone tissues.

Types of Hydrotherapy in Dogs

  1. Underwater treadmill

It’s common for dogs getting hydrotherapy treatment and suited to treat arthritis and joint pains. The therapy takes place on a treadmill in a plastic or glass chamber. The dog is put inside the chamber. Then the door is shut, and water is filled till the dog’s legs.

Afterwards, the treadmill starts working slowly and your dog will move. The water helps in providing strength to the muscles. It takes away all stress from dogs. 

  1. Dog pools

This kind of therapy provides resistance to dogs suffering from arthritis or even degenerative joint tissues. Further, it targets the body’s parts like elbows, chests, limbs, etc. The pool size depends on the therapist. It depends on what they are willing for your dog.

It depends on the joint tissues the dogs must heal. Mostly, the dogs will be given a floater or harness. There is therapist assistance always given. They monitor the movement well.

  1. Whirlpool therapy

This kind of therapy is perfect for dogs that have just been through major surgeries. It is like a jacuzzi treatment for dogs. A dog is first put into a harness and then slowly lowered to the pool. The water level depends clearly on the type of injury and where it is caused. Once they enter the whirlpool, it gently massages the dogs.

The water does help in creating a deep effect on the injured parts in the dogs. It helps to provide the relief your dog is looking for. Natural Paws Holistic Pet Care provides the right kind of hydrotherapy to dogs.

The therapy is good and very reliable, but it must be handled by therapists and professionals. They have adequate experience in dealing with dogs. Also, specialized equipment is used while treating dogs. The cost of the therapy depends on how the injury is. It also depends on the availability in your area. The average cost is about $40 to $70. The therapy lasts for about 30 minutes. 


Consult with your vet to know the right treatment for your dog. Hydrotherapy is in so much demand today. It provides the right support to your dogs. They will be able to swim and walk efficiently just like before. The dogs will feel quite flexible once they start doing the therapy. It is the power of healing with water reducing the pain.

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