Spring Cleaning Tips For Your Puppy

Spring Cleaning Tips For Your Puppy

Spring cleaning isn’t just for your home, but the concept can also be applied to your puppy. The process of spring cleaning is a great way to keep your puppy’s belongings clean & organised. Some of the most used items like your dog bed, dog collar, dog food bowl and the like, could use some much-needed washdown. 

To help you plan your puppy’s spring cleaning properly, we have listed out the primary items that you should be looking into so that you can complete the cleaning task in less time. 

Tips & Tricks To Spring Clean Your Puppy’s Belongings

1. Clean Your Dog Bed

According to a reliable puppy school in Perth, your dog bed will be the most used belonging to your puppy. This is because dogs find the most comfort in places where they can sleep & relax. So, you have to make sure that your dog’s bed is clean and there’s no unnecessary spread of dirt & germs. 

If your puppy regularly goes out to play or loves playing outside, then it would be a good idea to clean your dog’s bed at least once per week, so that all allergens & dirt are eliminated. However, if your puppy mostly plays indoors, then you should clean your dog’s bed at least once every two weeks. Dirt & germs can not only affect the health of your puppy but also you & your family members. 

2. Clean Your Dog Collar

The easiest way to remind yourself that you need to clean your dog’s collar is to wash it whenever your puppy is groomed or receives a bath. Once your dog collar gets dirty or wet, it should be in your best interest to clean the same, so that you can prevent the spread of allergens, dirt and germs. You can proceed to clean your dog collar using warm water and some shampoo. 

If you want, you can also use baking soda for cleaning purposes because baking soda helps in neutralising any bad odour that might exude from your dog’s collar. Remember to utilise a toothbrush when cleaning your dog’s collar because the toothbrush bristles will be enough to eliminate dried dirt, deep stains and other stain marks. 

According to a well-known puppy daycare in Perth, you can also put your dog’s collar inside your washing machine for cleaning, in case you don’t have time to perform the above-mentioned procedures. 

3. Clean Your Dog Leash

A good rule of thumb that you can follow to keep your dog’s leash neat & tidy is to clean it once every month. By cleaning your dog’s leash, you’ll be able to eliminate any built-up hair, dirt or germs. Simply using warm soapy water and placing the leash into it for ten minutes would be enough to make it clean again.

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