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No matter what the issue or behaviour problem contact us today and make
the commitment to improving your
quality of life and more importantly
your ‘Best Friends’ life.

Dog Behaviour Analysis & Training

A well mannered, socialised and confident dog is a family member most owners hope to enjoy.  Like us, dogs need boundaries and need to feel part of a family pack.  They are social animals and by giving them a solid foundation beginning in the puppy stages we are providing them with the tools they need for adulthood. 

dog training perth

Dog Personal Training & Behaviourist

We are dedicated to helping you with all your dog training needs and to help your dog overcome any behaviour issues.  Whether it be jumping, pulling on the lead, dog reactivity & excitement, barking, not coming when called etc. no dog is ever too young or too old to learn obedience and become a well mannered member of the family.  Obedience training helps you, the dog owner, develop confident dog handling skills, establish your role as the leader and to create a strong and loving bond with your dog.

We offer personalised in-home our outdoor training in all areas. No matter what the issue or behaviour problem contact us today to set up a pre-training evaluation interview.  From there you can make the commitment to improving your quality of life and more importantly your ‘Best Friends’ life.

With time, patience, consistency, love and leadership you, your family and your dog will have a happier, loving and more peaceful life.

How does Training Helps in Dog Anxiety

In some cases your dog may be showing behaviour patterns that are not from boredom or lack of obedience.  Dogs who exhibit the following behaviour issues may be suffering from separation anxiety:

Separation Anxiety is a dog’s inability to cope or function when left alone. This is very different to boredom as your dog is under severe stress experiencing a range of physiological reactions such as increased heart rate, blood pressure, a surge in adrenalin and cortisol hormones and panting.

Punishing your dog is not the answer. They need your help!!!!

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Cbd Dog Anxiety Aggression

How does Training Helps in Dog Aggression

Does your dog bark, growl and lunge at other dogs or people. Does your dog resource guard, i.e. growl or even go to bite if you try to take food, a toy or does he feel the need to protect you? In most cases aggression and reactivity are normally fear based or created through lack of leadership and structure.

Whether your dog suffers from anxiety or dog aggression/reactivity then life for you, your dog and your family can be very challenging and sometimes overwhelming.  These problems are generally overcome with a counter conditioning and desensitisation program. Counter conditioning is a treatment process that changes an animal’s fearful, anxious or aggressive reaction to a pleasant, relaxed one and desensitisation is the process of exposing your dog to a stimulus beginning at a very low intensity.

Here, at Holistic Paws=Waggy Tails, we may also recommend animal Kinesiology when helping with anxiety, fear and aggression. By accessing the brain pathways of the amygdala (your dog’s survival emotions and fight/flight centre) we can to help your dog on an emotional/mental level as well. 

With dedication and commitment most dogs can show great improvement and lead much happier lives!

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