Perfect Exercises To Keep Your Dog Fit All The Time

Perfect Exercises To Keep Your Dog Fit All The Time

During the winter season, your dog will not get much exercise due to the cold and snow outside. Such a situation leads to a lack of mental stimulation, laziness and a lot of health issues for your dog. However, with the arrival of the spring season coupled with warmer temperatures, it can prove to be the ideal time to let your dog perform the exercise it needs to keep itself fit all the time. It’s also the ideal time to build healthy habits for your dog. 

The following are some of the best exercises that you can teach to your dog to keep itself fit & healthy all year long.

Fantastic Exercises To Your Dog Fit All Year Long

1. Perform Active Play

According to a professional puppy school in Perth, this is the first type of exercise that you need to start with your dog. In these fun activities, you can involve your entire family. For instance, you can start playing fetch, throw a frisbee or even start a tug of war with your dog. All of these games & exercises will help in building proper muscle coordination for your dog, while also increasing its mental focus. 

Try to change the type of exercises you perform with each session and don’t forget to give treats to your dog generously. 

2. Perform Agility Courses

You can keep your dog on its toes with homemade agility courses. You can build such agility courses with common items in your home, such as chairs, pillows, brooms and the like. Ensure that the agility course you build for your dog is perfect for its size and age, otherwise, the process will turn out to be useless. 

These fitness sessions will help in fine-tuning your puppy’s overall movements while also engaging their mental focus, while they continue to learn your commands. 

3. Perform Swimming

According to a popular puppy daycare in Perth, one minute of swimming will equal four minutes of running. You can let your dog enjoy swimming in an inflated bathtub in your backyard or even use your swimming pool (if you have one). Use various kinds of toys to help your dog to remain active and work its muscles. Moreover, don’t forget to take a rest every fifteen to twenty minutes of exercise. 

4. Perform Hiking Or Walking

The best way to get your dog moving is by opting for simple neighbourhood walks, especially if your dog hasn’t experienced much physical activity in a previous couple of months. Always start with short distances and keep the path similar every time, so that your dog can get accustomed to the new environment quickly. Once your dog gets accustomed to walking for short distances, you can then opt for long-distance hiking occasionally.

If you want to obtain additional suggestions, don’t forget to get in touch with our dog care experts today. 

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