Hydrotherapy is the combination
of water and controlled therapeutic
exercises designed to stimulate the
healing process. It is derived from
Greek terminology meaning
‘any healing in water’.


For the healing process to occur hydrotherapy incorporates controlled non-weight (zero impact movements) or low impact weight bearing exercises in heated sanitised water. Non weight bearing is usually in a pool and limited weight bearing is in an aquatic treadmill. The properties of water; heat, hydrostatic pressure, turbulence, viscosity and cohesion combine to create a therapeutic effect. The controlled exercises ensure the patient receives maximum benefit when combined with the properties of water. The heat dilates the blood vessels, relaxes muscles, improves circulation, the hydrostatic pressure reduces swelling and inflammation around joints, the buoyancy prevents impact on joints improving range of motion, the turbulence and viscosity promote cardiovascular fitness and muscle strength. All of which provide pain relief and allow healing to occur. Common ailments and injuries which often improve with hydrotherapy are:

YOUR FIRST treadmill session

The initial consult/assessment involves a detailed look at your dog’s medical condition, home environment, diet, exercise, medications etc. We also do a postural analysis, including a gait assessment and muscle mass measurements if needed. Prior to the treatment your dog will be given a head to tail health check to ascertain suitability for hydrotherapy.

Your dog will have a harness or life jacket fitted prior to entering the treadmill. A certified Hydrotherapist will be in the treadmill during their treatment. After the session your dog will be towel dried or rinsed if they have any skin sensitivities. On completion we will give you our recommendations for moving forward and a detailed home treatment plan.

Please note all hydrotherapy bookings need Vet Approval. If you would like to download a copy of our Vet Referral form to email to your Vet please click on the button below.

Benefits Of Hydrotherapy For Dogs in Perth

Water therapy is great for your canines, especially when they are healing from surgery or joint issues, as this therapy helps alleviate joint pain and improve joint function. However, there are additional benefits to this form of treatment including:

Hydrotherapy for Physical Conditioning and Preventing Injuries

While most pet owners with aging dogs or those exposed to physical traumas consider hydrotherapy it is suitable for canines of all ages and provides great physical benefits.  Swimming & treadmill exercise boosts your pet’s fitness level, improves cardiovascular health, builds muscle strength and is all achieved with minimal impact on joints.  If you have a working dog on the farm, scent detection dog, assistance/therapy dog, guide dog, agility or sports dog then hydrotherapy can help your dog maintain peak fitness and health throughout their working/competitive life.   Keeping them stronger, fitter and more agile means longevity in their careers and more time for those who benefit from these special dogs.  

Holistic Paws is just what your dog needs to be fitter and more active without risking an injury. All therapists at our facility have expertise in canine rehabilitation, allowing them to give your pet the best of service. 


This video shows our previous clinic in Perth.  We hope to provide pool treatment in the near future for Busselton clients as well, thus providing a complete hydrotherapy experience.

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