How To Treat Minor Pet Injuries At Home?

How To Treat Minor Pet Injuries At Home?

Pets are wholesome members of our house, they like your presence and hop around playing. Just as pleasant as this is, it also makes them vulnerable to injuries. Certain pet injuries might require emergency assistance, while some minor ones can be treated at home. Thus we bring you a step-by-step procedure for natural paws holistic pet care in case of minor injuries.

  • Interact with your pet

The pain can cause your pet to react differently than normal. They can either cry loudly, act aggressively or even get scared and start running away from you. Before you begin the process, make sure that you and your pet are calm and stable. You can either offer them treats, toys or interact with them to make them feel comfortable.

  • Stop the bleeding

The first thing you need to work on is stopping the blood flow. Use a clean towel or a cloth and cover the wound, adding a little pressure to it. Remember, if the bleeding is uncontrollable, you must run to a vet for better treatment.

  • Clean the wound

Wounds might appear minor, especially those that puncture the skin, like bites or nail scratches. Since bacteria harbours every corner, it is possible that the area might be infested, and thus you must clean the wound with water and a soft cotton ball to wash off the debris etc. You can also use running water at optimum pressure, depending on the wound size and type.

  • Disinfect the wound

Use a cleanser such as betadine diluted in water to clean the wound and disinfect it from infection-causing bacteria. Do not use rubbing alcohol or hydrogen peroxide, as it will delay healing and can also damage the tissues.

  • Cover up the wound with a bandage

Once done with cleaning, let the wound heal. For this, you can apply a mild amount of ointment suitable for the concerned injury and then cover it with a bandage.

  • Put an E-collar

The pet often feels itchy and might also feel the same around the wound. Their curiosity or fear might lead them to remove the bandage, lick it or bite it. This can transfer bacteria, and a wound that is touched often takes much longer to heal. The E-collar, also known as the cone-shaped collar, prevents the pet from biting or licking the wound.

  • Go for natural therapy

Your pet might be devastated or feel depressed after getting hurt. Pets are soft-hearted and thus affected easily. A minor or major injury can change their behaviour completely. If you are seeing such changes in your pet and want to help them, try a natural care service for your pets. Holistic Paws=Waggy Tails is one such amazing service that not only provides dog daycare in Perth but also helps your pets recover from physical injuries, illnesses, and allergies, improve fitness, and promote optimum health and well-being.

Connect with them today for the holistic health of your pet.

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