How To Choose The Right Dog Daycare?

Looking for a daycare for your pet? If you are busy with work or unable to take care of your pet for a day or two, you might want to consider a dog daycare service. If you are a dog owner who has an unpredictable work schedule or needs to work long hours, opting for daycare is the right choice.

If your dog spends long hours alone, it might suffer from lethargy and be unhappy. If your dog loves to play, socialize, and enjoy, it’s best to leave your pet in a daycare environment. Here are a few things you might want to consider before choosing the best dog daycare Perth.

Safety features within daycare 

While opting for a daycare for your pet, here are some safety aspects you might want to consider:

– Observe how the staff works and their behavior with the pets.

– Make sure the facility has secure fencing, as well as it, is clean & organized.

– Always ensure the area is free of hazards like broken toys, cords, wires, etc.

– The daycare must not be short-staffed and the staff must be comfortable with pets.

Holistic care and well-being of the pet

Natural paw holistic pet care is important to maintain good health for the pet. Holistic care of pets involves the pet mingling and playing with other pets, socializing, and spending the day in a healthy environment. Not only the goal is to make the pets playful, but happy and healthy. It too boosts immunity and naturally enhances the life of the pets.  

Since you will be dropping your beloved pet off for the day, always have an idea of what kind of 

food or treats the daycare use to feed the pet. There is some daycare where they provide the food and in some, the owners need to provide it.

Legality and compliance 

Another aspect of daycare is to ensure that it is legal and complies with all rules and regulations. Every place has a different set of rules and laws surrounding dog daycare. Hence, it is best to do a quick research on the daycare laws and see if the daycare is compliant with the same. This involves checking for a range of aspects like sanitation requirements, ventilation, storage of chemicals, etc.

Group size of pets 

If a daycare is small in size with fewer staff but they have a huge number of daycare residents, it might be a red flag. Some dogs might be dangerous and difficult to manage. This might cause injury to small or older dogs. The majority of the daycares keep all the dogs in a single place and that might infuriate the pets. The daycare must cater to individual requirements and make sure all the dogs are well-supervised.

Knowledgeable staff

Read reviews about a dog daycare before sending your dog. The staff members needed to be knowledgeable and aware of a dog’s behavior. The staff must understand the warning signs and reasons a dog is behaving a certain way. Also, a good dog daycare will provide a comprehensive report on the dog’s activity and what it was fed.

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