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With over 25 years of experience in the grooming industry you can be assured your pet is in the safest of hands.  Along with Vet Nurse experience and dog behaviour training Jill has the patience and understanding to work with dogs of all sizes and breeds.  If your dog is anxious or nervous, suffers with any health or physical issues Jill will make them feel safe and give them the care and attention they need.  By providing a nuturing & positive environment no sedative medication or anxiety drugs are required.  Let Jill look after your pet today and see them shine!

Grooming Services

Why Grooming is Important for health

Grooming is an essential part of your dog’s overall health and well-being.  Regular brushing helps remove old, damaged and dead hair and skin cells.  It also prevents matting and distributes natural oils through the coat. 

Serious health risks can arise if matted hair is ignored.  It can progress quickly from causing mild skin irritation to infecting wounds.  Severe mats can also impede blood flow or at worst cut off blood supply  leading to amputation.  Fleas and ticks can also go un-noticed in a hair mat causing great discomfort to your dog.  Hair mats can develop around the hind region where feces can get stuck, accumulate and impede defecation.

On an emotional level a groom can leave a dog feeling happier and more invigorated.  Special attention, cuddles and a bath not only make us feel good but our dogs too!  

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