Expert Tips on Choosing the Best Dog Trainer

So, you’ve finally decided to teach your dog some valuable life skills and obedience, right?

Well, that’s the reason, you’ve landed right here, looking to know the tips to choose the best dog trainer!

A dog trainer is specialised professional that can teach your dog manners and basic obedience. You don’t want your pet randomly barking or biting over strangers, do you?

Always remember that your dog shows your personality, so you should take its training seriously. 

Since the market is flooded with many professionals having different expertise and experience, choosing the right one isn’t a cakewalk.

Listed below are the tips to choose the right dog training professional.

  1. Don’t Overlook Their Experience

One of the biggest factors that you need to consider is nothing but the years of experience they have in dealing with pets. Ensure you don’t choose a less-experienced individual as they might not have enough expertise to handle dogs with different behaviours. Even someone with less experience but good skills could be the right choice. There is no denying that years of experience do matter but you should not give priority as it could impact your decision. Always choose a professional with good experience and expertise to avoid breaking the bank.

  1. Check Customer Testimonials and their Social Media Handles

When you are looking for a certified dog trainer, don’t forget to go through the testimonials and their social media accounts. By doing so, you can rest assured that the services you choose are trusted. When you check their social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter, then you can go through their videos and photos posted to understand how they treat their dogs. If you, however, find any professional using alpha rolls, prong collars, or shock collars, avoid them and go to the next one immediately.

  1. Check How They Treat Pets

It is no secret that trainers, these days, use a multitude of different techniques to control their dog’s behaviour. When you are finding the right dog daycare in Perth, always check what training methods they use to bring obedience to the pet. Are they using harmful techniques? Are they using fun and entertaining methods to calm an aggressive dog? Never choose experts that use traditional techniques to control the dog. Some of the harsh techniques may include kicking, slapping, shocking, hanging, or hitting of any form. Ensure you always ask a trainer about their training methods.

  1. Don’t Hesitate to Give Them a Call

After going through all the factors, you will then need to give them a call. Well, you would want to know more information about them as it’s a big decision you will make. Simply search and find out their number to discuss everything over call and know about their program, schedule, and way of communication. If a professional isn’t calm or has an aggressive voice, then there is no guarantee that they won’t be rude to your beloved pet. When you are choosing a certified trainer, you should feel comfortable talking with them.


A dog trainer, as you could see, can help your dog to learn the skills you want. Considering these tips may help you choose the best trainer that may help foster positivity and happiness in your pet.

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