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Natural Dog Products - Calming


If you have a highly strung, anxious or nervous dog then these biscuits are for you.  They are also very tasty so even if your dog is not anxious they are still a great treat full of healthy goodness for any dog.


Natural Dog Products - Mineral Morsels

Mineral Morsels

These biscuits are full of seeds creating a vitamin and mineral powerhouse and a protein punch.  They are a fantastic micro-nutrition morsel for your pet as they also include fibre, amino acids, & fats.


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Omega 3's

These biscuits are swimming with sardines and act as a natural anti-inflammatory and assist with pain relief .   Omega 3’s are beneficial for your pets brain, heart, and joints.


Natural Dog Products - Allergy Busters

Allergy Busters

If you have a dog that scratches, suffers from seasonal allergies or inhalant allergies then feeding these treats may help.  They have oregano which is anti-fungal plus coconut oil which is great for allergies and inflammation as it helps with body’s allergic response. 





Natural Dog Products - Anti Fungal Shampoo

Anti Fungal Shampoo

Is your dog itchy, smelly, flicking their ears or biting paws, then maybe it’s a yeast infection.  Yeast dermatitis is very common in pets and often flares up during the warmer months.  Try our all natural shampoo made with essential oils (no harsh chemicals) that are known for their anti-fungal properties.




Natural Dog Products - Flea Shampoo

Flea Shampoo

Terminate fleas naturally without using harsh commerical toxic products.  This natural flea shampoo made with essential oils will help keep fleas at bay, relieve skin irritation and inflammation caused by flea bites





Natural Dog Products - Calming Spray

Calming Spray

This spray can be used when you have a dog that is anxious about going to the vet, groomers or any new environment.  Spray directly onto coat, spray on your hands and rub onto your dog’s coat or spray onto a bandanna and wrap around your dog’s neck.


Natural Dog Products - Flea Spray

Flea Spray

You can use this spray in conjunction with the flea shampoo or on its own.  Great for flare- ups and using in-between regular washing to keep fleas at bay.  Gentle on skin and keeps your dog smelling clean and fresh. 



Natural Dog Products - Itchy Spray

Itchy Spray

This products contains ingredients used for soothing and calming itchy skin.  If your dog is itching for no apparent reason then give this spray a go.




First Aid Healing Salve

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Licorice Root Itchy Cream

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Tumeric Paste

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