Dog daycare service improves the life of your furry friend

Dog daycare service improves the life of your furry friend

No pet owner likes to leave the dog or any pet, without any companion. Doggy daycare is every woof’s dream comes true. Whether your furry friend wants to make new ‘furriends’ or looking to run off some zoomies, daycare is indeed a great solution. The professionals at Dog Daycare, Perth love spending the day with the slobberiest,, sweetest four-legged friend as pet parent. It’s an excellent choice for your furry friend as it’s not one-size-fits-the-pack. We offer different activities depending on each dog’s size and play style. The pets roam freely in the play yard that fits their needs. Every dog is not a social butterfly and if your Fido is more of a lone wolf, we’ve private retreat option. Your pet may have endless energy and shows destructive behaviour when left alone, then come to us. If your dog is anxious, angry and lonely, then our daycare is a great way to help. Dog daycare service comes with many benefits and you would be surprised, just how much a daycare benefits improves the life of your pet. Dogs ar very social animals and some dogs are not excited about spending the day alone while you go for the daily routine. The doggy’s socialization in the daycare successfully combat this issue. We’ve many ways to keep your dog entertained throughout the day. While it’s true that some dogs sleep whole day, when left alone but this sedentary lifestyle is not healthy. The lack of mental and physical activities may lead to weight issue, mobility issue with destructive boredom attitude and behavior. To prevent this, the pets are kept engaged in different entertaining activities in the daycare. Our care offers a variety of services and types of facilities that provide the furry friend the stimulation that they need to stay happy and active. Whether you’ve a young puppy or an adult, daycare keeps your dogs healthy. Read on to know more benefits.

Safe socializing: If your dog doesn’t have many friends, daycare for dogs offer unlimited opportunities to socialize with other pets. It provides a safe and controlled environment for your dog to play with other dogs of different sizes, breed and personalities. Our competent team is well versed in their body language and behaviour and make it a point that each dog has a positive experience. Every dog is different and their energy levels, personalities and habits also differ. We allow each dog to enjoy the experience in their own way and this helps the dogs to express themselves properly.  

Physical exercise: Sedantary lifestyle is damaging to dog’s body and the mind. The daycare session helps your dog to stay active, fit and healthy. Highly energetic furry friends are benefitted the most as they will be able to run and play their hearts out. Our daycare also provides supportive environment that allows the lazy or fat dogs to be excited about physical activities and this definitely helps shed extra pounds.

Separation anxiety is cured: Without some kind of social environment and outlet, the dog can feel anxious about left alone. They may spend the day howling, crying, chewing or licking but the daycare offers them the opportunity to socialize with other dogs. Even if you’re unable to use daycare service regularly, weekly social interaction helps provide the dog with the activities, they’re craving for. Surely, it is a healthy way to limit the lone time.To know more details, contact our experts at natural paws holistic pet care.

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