An intimate creche facility with limited numbers to ensure your pet receives personalised care and service

Dog/Puppy Day Care Facilities in Perth

Our boutique creche facility in the Eastern Suburbs of Perth is unique in nature.  We are not a warehouse facility housing lots & lots of dogs; we offer a much more intimate experience, like a home away from home.  With limited numbers we are able to give your dog one-on-one attention and make sure all their needs are being met. Tuesday is our small dog day, specifically tailored for pet owners who only want their small dog’s playing with other little friends.

We have both indoor and outdoor play zones with shade, splash pools, sand-pit and when inside they can enjoy air-conditioned comfort on hot days and heating in the winter. When it comes time to chill and relax our doggy day care in Perth has plenty of comfy beds that they can snuggle in.

We also offer your pet a choice of other activities such as a massage or fun swim while attending our daycare. See below for more details on these additional package items.


One day – $45 per visit
Two days – 1st day $45, 2nd visit $40
Three days or more – on application

Half Day – $35 (4 hours max.)

Please download the enrolment application form below and email back to us. We will then contact you to discuss your pet’s eligibility and suitable days.


Is your pet injured or recovering from surgery? Our pet daycare in Perth provides a safe environment for pets who need individual consideration whilst recovering from post-op surgery or need rest due to injury. You can go about with your day and know your pet will not be home alone all day in a crate.

If your pet suffers with separation anxiety or mild behaviour issues (i.e. jumping, destructive tendencies at home) we can help as well. We work with your pets while they are in our care to help them become more confident and develop good social skills.

Numbers are limited to give an intimate and positive experience for your pet.

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Fun Swim

This package is for pups who love water, are fit & healthy and have lots of energy to play around. Your pets will be supervised by a qualified Hydrotherapist and life jackets fitted. Please note, any medical conditions may require your vet to fill in our veterinary referral form and price will be subject to change.

Full Day $75
1/2 Day $65


This package will benefit your anxious and stressed dogs. Massage has a calming effect on our canine friends and helps stimulate release of oxytocin – known as the love and trust hormone reduces the release of cortisol – the stress hormone.

Full Day $85
1/2 Day $75


If you don’t have time to bath your dog and would like them to come home smelling clean and fresh then let us do it for you.  We use only natural shampoos to ensure their coats come out silky & smooth, whilst maintaining their coat’s essential oils.  If your pet has sensitive skin then our range of shampoos are perfect too.

Small Dog $15                                                                                  Large Dog $20


Only puppies under 6 months will need a proper lunch/meal as they require 3 meals per day.  All dogs will receive treats/snacks throughout the day but not entire meals.

Doggy daycare is a great place for your pets to socialise and play with all different types of dogs. However, day care is not the place for dogs who are reactive around other dogs and need help learning to socialise.  If you want to teach your dog how to socialise, consider training classes or one on one reactive dog training lessons.  Feel free to reach out to us to enrol your pet into our classes or enquire about personalised training.

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