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Dog/Puppy Day Care Facilities in Busselton

We have taken over the old Monty’s dog daycare and look forward to meeting both existing clients and new dog owners.

For the time being most things will look the same with both indoor and outdoor play zones, splash pools, sand-pits etc.  Fun and good times await your dog both inside and out.  Our staff will help your dog settle in and give them the care and attention they need when visiting for the first time.  When it comes time to chill and relax our doggy day care has plenty of comfy beds that they can snuggle in and individual zones to ensure a restful time out.  And if the beds aren’t good enough there is always a cuddly staff lap to sit on.

For people on holidays in the South West we can also look after your pet while you visit the wineries, have a relaxing lunch or walk the Busselton jetty.  As your dog is likely to be mixing with other day care dogs they do need to be well socialised.  If your dog is reactive with other dogs please call us to discuss.

We also offer other services and activities for your pet to take advantage of when attending our day care.  These are at discounted prices so why not take advantage and give your dog an added treat while in daycare.  See below for more details.


One day – $55 per visit
Two days – 1st day $55, 2nd visit $50
Three days or more – on application

Half Day – $40 (4 hours max.)

Please download the enrolment application form below and email back to us. We will then contact you to discuss your pet’s eligibility and suitable days.


Is your pet injured or recovering from surgery? Our pet daycare in Busselton provides a safe environment for pets who need individual consideration whilst recovering from post-op surgery or need rest due to injury. You can go about with your day and know your pet will not be home alone all day in a crate.

If your pet suffers with separation anxiety or mild behaviour issues (i.e. jumping, destructive tendencies at home) we can help as well. We work with your pets while they are in our care to help them become more confident and develop good social skills.  Please note day care is not suitable for aggressive or reactive dogs.

We can also have young puppies in our facility and separate them from other dogs if they are not fully vaccinated. 

Numbers are limited to give an intimate and positive experience for your pet.

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Day Spa Bath/Aromatherapy 

Let your dog immerse themselves in our  purpose built spa/massage tub.  This bath is designed for relaxation, stress relief and helps reduce tension in any stiff muscles.  If your dog has any skin issues a soak with essential oils and natural shampoos will help soothe itchy/red skin and leave their skin feeling invigorated and soft.



If you don’t have time to bath your dog and would like them to come home smelling clean and fresh then let us do it for you.  We use only natural shampoos to ensure their coats come out silky & smooth, whilst maintaining their coat’s essential oils.  If your pet has sensitive skin then our range of shampoos are perfect too.

Small Dog $25

Large Dog $30

Massage – Coming Soon

This package will benefit your anxious and stressed dogs. Massage has a calming effect on our canine friends and helps stimulate the release of oxytocin – known as the love and trust hormone whilst reducing the release of cortisol – the stress hormone.  A massage for dogs suffering with separation anxiety can be the ideal solution to make them feel more at ease and enjoy some one on one attention away from the other dogs.



Only puppies under 6 months will need a proper lunch/meal as they require 3 meals per day.  All dogs will receive treats/snacks throughout the day but not entire meals.

Doggy daycare is a great place for your pets to socialise and play with all different types of dogs. However, day care is not the place for dogs who are reactive around other dogs and need help learning to socialise.  If you want to teach your dog how to socialise, consider training classes or one on one reactive dog training lessons.  Feel free to reach out to us to enrol your pet into our classes or enquire about personalised training.

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