Myofunctional Dog Massage in Perth

Like us, dogs are affected by massage
both physically and psychologically.

Massage impacts your dog’s entire body, not just the local muscles and tissues being manipulated.  It affects their mood and anxiety levels (has a calming effect), assists with movement and flexibility, reduces blood pressure, removes waste and toxins, stimulates organ function and helps reduce pain.   

Myofunctional Dog Massage Perth | Holistic Paws = Waggy Tails

the effects of massage

Understanding basic anatomy and physiology helps explain the effects and benefits of massage.  All body systems are interconnected and therefore have an impact on each other.   For example, skeletal muscles are attached to the skeletal system (via tendons which attach to bone), they are controlled by the central nervous system and get their energy for movement via blood from the circulatory system.

Therefore, the indirect or ripple effect of massage is that it stimulates and affects the circulatory, endocrine, nervous, digestive and respiratory systems which in turn facilitates the following health benefits:

How massages for dogs can help

Massage can help many types of ailments and injuries along with mental and emotional stress.  See below for some common issues massage may improve:

Myofunctional Dog Massage Perth | Holistic Paws = Waggy Tails

home massaging for Dogs

A daily massage is something all dog owners should try and implement at home. It helps build a stronger bond with your dog and allows you to become more aware of your dog’s body. This can help you identify any changes in your dog’s appearance such as lumps or bumps that may need investigation. It is also the perfect opportunity to do a quick health check looking at their teeth, gums, ears, coat and skin. Massage also helps distribute the natural oils needed for healthy skin and coat.

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