Are you a new dog parent? Here’s how you can help your dog!

Are you a new dog parent? Here’s how you can help your dog!

Getting a furry friend home can be a life-changing experience for many but at the same time, it comes with many concerns, worries and questions as you instantly get attached to your pet and want the best for them. While you may get bemused by your pet dog, there could be other members of your family who may take time to do so due to fear. In all these situations, considering dog training is highly recommended. Here’s all you need to know about the process:

Relieve your puppy from Anxiety.

When you get a puppy home, it undergoes a sudden change in environment and gets exposed to many new stimuli. This can trigger them even though they are fun-loving beings who quickly gel up with people who care for them, it can lead to anxiety in certain situations. You can easily recognise anxiety through excessive barking, howling, scratching, and pacing up and down. Once you see these signs in your puppy, it’s imperative to consult a dog training school for help. Holistic Paws is one such reputed institution for dog training in Perth that is experienced in handling anxiety in dogs.

Calm your puppy down and get rid of aggression.

Changes in surroundings, overstimulation and many other factors can lead to aggression in puppies. They can show it by biting, barking at people, damaging household objects and chasing your guests. Even though by nature, dogs are loving and caring, specific changes may lead to aggression but no worries! It can easily be countered with behavioural and cognitive training to reduce stress in dogs and restore calmness in them. Counter condition is a technique used by puppy schools in Perth to reduce aggression and develop a sense of relaxation in dogs.

Choosing the right daycare

Separation anxiety and loneliness can be triggering for puppies as they are social beings who enjoy company. When you are a working dog parent, you must avail yourself of a doggy daycare where your pet can stay relaxed, have a good playtime and get taken care of while you’re out working. Do a thorough background check, read reviews, and enquire about the facilities they offer, the kind of care they take etc. Many dog daycares also offer training facilities that will help you achieve two things at once. Always be considerate before making the right decision as it will impact the health and wellness of your puppy.

Right Time Right Action

Many new dog parents ask about the right time for puppy training. It is ideal to start the training within 6-8 weeks post their birth. This helps them in catching up with the training quickly and is known to be more effective. Every dog is unique and needs to be specially trained therefore, it is always better to book a consultation first to share your needs and goals and let the puppy school design a tailor-made training program for your puppy.


Even though puppy training schools are of enormous help, it is always better to keep yourself informed of all the resources available to continue practising at home and enjoy quality time with your dog. Only you know what’s suitable for your puppy so take a well-informed decision and give them the best life as they make your life beautiful.

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