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Acupressure Meridian Massage

Acupressure is gentle stimulation of acupoints to improve the flow of energy (or ch’i as the Chinese name it) around the body.  This energy comes from the air we breathe, the food and water we digest and the life energy provided from our parents at conception.  This subtle energy flow is distributed by channels called meridians that provide vital energy to all body organs to sustain life; from cellular metabolism, blood circulation, growth and development and organ function.  Any disturbance or imbalance in this vital energy flow will eventually manifest as phsysiological dysfunction such as physcial pain, illness or disease.

In Traditional Chinese Medicine there are 14 primary meridians.  Two of these meridians run up and down the midline and they are called the Governing and Central meridians.  The other 12 meridians are located on each side of the body and are named for the internal organ they run through.  It is interesting to note that six of these are yang and six are yin maintaining the yin/yang energy balance.   All yang meridians (except for Governing) run from Heaven toward Earth and all yin meridians run from Earth to Heaven.

Acupoints are like valves they control and re-direct energy flow.  They are like entry and exit points that connect the meridians, thus the flow of ch’i energy can be activated and regulated by stimulating acupoints.  Western Science has now recognised or validated the existence of acupoints.  They are referred to as null points or electrodermal acupoints; points on the skin surface with least electrical resistance.  When measured with modern electrical instrumentation these null points correlate almost exactly to Chinese Acupoints. They have not gone so far as to recognise ch’i energy channels, however, scientists at one stage also thought the world was flat. 

Many diseases and ailments can be helped by stimulating acupoints and restoring vital energy flow to specific organs and systems.  When energy is restored and in balance the body is healthy.  In the Chinese system pain is only a sign of over energy in a particular place.  Drain away the excess energy and the pain is gone!

A simple and effective weekly treatment for your pet’s health is an open and closing meridian massage.  You can also massage each meridian on your pet’s body, however, this simple technique developed by Deanna Smith is about sending ch’i energy to all major organs of the body by just running the bladder meridian.

Massage from the base of  the skull on either side of the spine, to the base of the tail 2 times.  You can use your thumbs or fingers in a gentle circular motion down the spine or gently squeezing the muscles on either side of the spine.  Then on the 3rd sequence start from the base of the skull and only go to the end of the rib-cage.   Follow the last rib around and down to the belly.  See the video demonstration below.  

You can do this easy and quick massage daily or weekly. For older dogs daily is recommended.    

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